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a statement from the artist

My visual art, design, and illustration work are all stream of consciousness style--with very little pre-planned elements. My hope is to immerse you in a space where you see the world through a warped and abstracted lens--hinting at how we see things when hindered by debilitating mental illnesses, and the trauma that we each encounter throughout our lives.

I am captivated by the layers that abstraction contains, and how you can peel back each one to reveal something deep, meaningful, and sometimes incredibly personal. Using upcycled materials in my visual art, I love to re-invent everyday items and scrap paper and turn it into something visceral that evokes overwhelming amounts of emotional depth.


I also tend to gravitate towards the mystical in my illustration work, as well as the inexplainable spiritual and natural phenomena encountered in every nook and cranny of daily life. I am drawn to themes like finding hope in the dark-- looking for beauty even when our vision is unwillingly blurred by trauma, injustice, and emotional turmoil.

In a way, I want the stylistic elements of my work to tell a story through the chaotic and unstructured nature of my work. While that narrative may vary from person to person depending on independent life experiences, I want to immerse you into a very specific world that is reminiscent of an attempt to move through our current societal structures.


Let it move you, irritate you, intrigue you, fascinate you, or make you feel overwhelmed by something you can't quite pinpoint. Let it do what it does--and I will have done my job.

So, whether you hate my work or love my work (or fall anywhere in between)--I hope you walk away feeling something.

Feel. Be human. That is all I ask.


Photo by Kaitlin Ruby

Kaitlin Ruby
Actor and Visual Artist
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