The Hope Journal

What, to you, is the light at the end of the tunnel?


A follow-up companion to The Fear Journal  (a project focused on the collective cathartic experience in response to the events unfolding in 2020), The Hope Journal will reflect on what hope represents on both an individual and collective level, as well as explore complex themes of how the meaning of hope has shifted throughout 2020.

The finished project will aim to premiere on January 1st, 2021--to ring in the new year with a renewed sense of purpose and hopefulness for the future.

Submission Instructions

Please read the following carefully.


DEADLINE: December 10th, 2020 (no extensions)

SUBMIT TO: with subject line: HOPE JOURNAL. 


  • Name you wish to be published under

  • Short bio explaining your work (artist's statement)

  • All social media/website links

  • Material you wish to submit

    • IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your submissions are all READY FOR PUBLISHING. There will only be one opportunity before release for minor edits (grammar/spelling).

    • If you are submitting visual art, please label all images accordingly, and include in the body of the email: title of each work, dimensions, name of artist, year, medium

NUMBER OF SUBMISSIONS ALLOWED: Endless. Submit as many materials as you like (just please send it all in one email chain). 


  1. Written works (poetry, short stories, short essays, etc)

  2. Visual art of all kinds

  3. Photography

  4. Music (we will be using QR codes for this! Please provide a Soundcloud/streaming link to each submission)

  5. MUA

  6. Hair art

  7. Body painting

  8. Fashion design

...Essentially, any art form you can scan/photograph, put into words, or create an mp3 file of, you can submit! Unfortunately, we do not have the capabilities to embed video at this time--so no video submissions please UNLESS it is linked to YouTube/Vimeo/etc. and we can create a QR code.


We would also love for all folx submitting to this particular journal to create at least one new, never-before-seen piece to premiere at the launch. This will help the marketing and traction we gain from the journal, which brings us to our next point...

Wait this paid?

Yes! And no submission fees! Here's how it works:


We will be launching a GoFundMe for readers to donate to the week of launch. All revenue we accumulate will be split evenly among all participating artists. The more artists we have and the more each artist promotes the project, the more chance we have for donations. The more chances we have at getting donations, the more money we will generate from this project. The more money we generate, the more you will get paid for your work.

This is a completely free project to participate in, and I want to make sure that there's at least some financial perk since artists are hit especially hard right now. While we can't actually guarantee any amount of payment, as it relies entirely on donations, it is better than nothing.


Even if we come back empty-handed (which is doubtful), you will still have an entire ebook under your belt to put on your resume. Plus, a sense of community. You really can't lose. <3 

If you would like to donate to me (Kaitlin Ruby) directly for organizing this project, feel free to do so through my Ko-Fi page. This is not required for participation, and a portion of these funds donated will be redistributed to BIPOC/LGBTQ+ folx and communities in need. 

When do I know if I'm accepted or not?

Once you submit, you're in! Unless we review your work and find any material you submit offensive, you will be included in this journal. We don't gatekeep in terms of "quality" (artistic quality is subjective, anyway). BIPOC and the LGBTQ+ community highly encouraged to submit material. 

  • Unacceptable material is anything involving: hate speech, racism, transphobia, xenophobia, homophobia, violence against a group of people, body shaming, etc. etc. 

  • Acceptable: nudity

This is a safe space for readers and creative participants alike, and anyone who submits material directly in conflict with that through the spread of hate and misinformation, will not be accepted to the journal.

Kaitlin Ruby
Poet, Visual Artist, and Writer

 © 2020 by Kaitlin Ruby

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